Faith Child - Over Me Feat VickyTola - Lyrics

Faith Child - Over Me feat. VickyTola

Verse 1

They say no man is an island

So I'm ringing the bell bel-fast ireland

My problems are dub-lin ireland

I'm falling catch me when I land

I'm slipping need to be sipping the living water, 

If grace is an ocean then I live in water. 

I wanna see the Kings gates, go behind those bars 

I wanna go in-mate.

Tell a man pen that 

Gods top of the chain I'm dependent. 

Double entendre, you know the enemy’s gotta get conquered 

Watching my feet, clocking my step

When one is defeat they're on to the next. 

I'm far from a victim, Father evict them, 

Sent them a few red letters, ping them


There’s no time to waste, If not for your grace, I just couldn’t say

I’m loving your ways, protected always, not time for delay

I need you, I need you to watch over me

Verse 2

To whom much is given much is expected

When you have a vision you're bound to be tested.

Friends go missing when things are testing. 

They wanna visit when they see your blessings. See that as a lesson

I aint tryna Beez In The Trap so you can take ur 2 Chainz back

I see a couple honeys they feel my Buzz 

But it will be LightYears before Delilah cuts my hair

So Lord deliver me, Tick D, 

From the things that are killing me, 6 feet, 

They're tryna get at me, tweet tweet, 

Give them the back seat, beep beep, 

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, 

Lead the way I'mma shadow your steps, 

No time for image, no time for gimmicks, 

I'm ready to go go go so let's get it.



I told hell no and heaven yes, hell yeah heaven knows. 

God will never let me go. He knows no defeat he's unbeat like a metronome. 

Can't rain on my parade, the sun will appear no five a day 

Got the light inside, imma let that shine, set the world alight see the fire blaze


(C) Copyright Michael Ayo/Faith Child Music


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