Faith Child and Mission Aviation Fellowship are teaming up to transform the lives of the world’s most isolated people! MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) longs to bring about the physical and spiritual transformation of remote communities, in the name of Jesus Christ. 

"I want what I do to be more than music, I want it to be about impact, so teaming up with MAF was a no brainer for me. Having personally experience being homeless and the struggles that come from poverty and feeling helpless within society, I understand what lack means. Now being in a better position, I want to use my platform to help those in similar situations come out of it. With my new project being called Airborne and with MAF being about aid through aviation, the opportunity to partner with them was like a match made in heaven.",  expresses Faith Child about the partnership.

Through its fleet of 132 light aircraft, MAF flies essential people and supplies to places made barely accessible through war, natural disaster or poor infrastructure.

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